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Compliance made easy

Heavy metal testing through a device that:

  • Needs no calibration

  • Requires no specialized training

  • Delivers results in less than 3 minutes per sample

All through a digital interface

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How does it work?

After standard sample collection and preparation, Segura measures total metals with an LOQ of 1.0ppb within 3 minutes.


Apply 1ml of the sample to the test strip.



Clip the strip into the reader.

Segura water test sensit smart


Read the results on the Segura app.

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The Segura Experience 

More efficient, more affordable compliance testing

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Results within minutes

Sample analysis takes less than 3 minutes. Results and raw data are sent directly to the Segura app, providing digital traceability.

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No calibration

Segura’s tests come pre-calibrated. No need to prepare calibration curves or reset between tests.

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Multiple parameters with one strip

Segura test strips can detect 13 heavy metals simultaneously, including lead, copper, and arsenic

Easier testing, cleaner water

Segura offers you improved lab efficiency, with affordable, fast, and easy heavy metal testing.


​Compliant in the US through method 200.8

Large, expensive equipment

Requires calibration for each parameter

Significant storage and disposal capacity needed for calibration and sample waste


Results in 3 minutes with no minimum sample size

No specialized training required

Digital results and raw data direct to cloud storage

Small and portable for use in the lab or in the field

In process of EPA and MCERTS certification

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