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We envision a world with democratized access to water quality information, healthy environments and universal access to safely managed water.

As water quality regulations tighten to protect human and environmental health, current water quality testing regimes are insufficient. Reliant on expensive, cumbersome equipment, regular, timely testing is increasingly unavailable where it is most needed. The status quo is entrenched, and, as regulations increase, current systems will see increased demand. Segura seeks to introduce innovative testing technologies that can expand access to high quality testing. Our mission is to improve the world’s water quality through easy, accurate, and affordable testing.


​The number of children in the UK that have lead poisoning 

6 million

The number of homes at risk of lead poisoning in the US alone​


Proportion of the US population exposed to high-lead levels in early childhood​

Our Values


We are committed to delivering high quality, reliable tests that our customers can rely on and to continuous improvement to address evolving needs and challenges.


We facilitate rapid response to water quality issues, crucial for complying with regulations and protecting public health.


We leverage diverse expertise to develop innovative solutions for complex water quality challenges, addressing chemistry, management, and regulation.


We focus on creating meaningful improvements in water quality testing, aligning with global sustainability goals and best practices for ensuring human and environmental health.

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