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Segura is the world's most advanced testing tool for heavy metals measurement. For both field and lab applications, the operation is exceedingly simple and suitable for users without prior training. It delivers repeatable and reliable results in under 3 minutes through a handheld device. The method avoids human error and time-consuming preparation of calibration standards, therefore also avoiding the production of toxic waste which is often expensive and hard to dispose. 

How does it work?

The method exploits decades of well-established science (Anodic Strip Voltammetry) and technology, particularly from the glucose monitoring industry. Powered by modern medical-grade hardware and manufacturing (ISO 13485), it uses single-use, proprietary electrochemical test strips that are factory calibrated. Each strip is highly specific and capable of simultaneously measuring up to 13 heavy metals with a Limit of Quantification (LOQ) of 1.0 ppb and up to 5 ppm.  Measurements can be done at environmental pH, or in acidic conditions (pH < 2) depending on the application. The sample volume required for every test is less than 1mL. 

The tool also lowers administrative burden, as raw data can be easily viewed and compared against standard signals for QA/QC and traceability purposes. Similarly, reports such as Chain of Custody forms for LCR compliance can be automatically generated or data can be fed via API. 



​The test is currently under evaluation by the EPA in the United States, MCERTs in the UK (and Germany), and by IAPMO for international markets. 

Technical Specifications

**Sub-ppb detection limits can be achieved under controlled conditions, enquire if you require a custom application. 

Heavy Metals



Operating pH

Ideal Temperature Range

Equipment Dimensions

Equipment Weight

Power Supply

Lead, Copper, Arsenic, Manganese, Iron, Cadmium, Nickel, Zinc, Tin, Strontium, etc.

1.0ppb - 5 ppm

.01 ppb**

Ambient (for dissolved metals) or Acidic (pH <2 for total metals)


54 mm * 40mm * 22 mm


External (from either PC or mobile)


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